Course Description

Small Group English Class

Welcome to my small group English class, where we learn together and support each other to become better at English. My goal is to create a friendly and helpful environment where students can feel more confident in their language skills.

Students will meet in small groups (only 3-4 students) to practice English by learning vocabulary and having conversations, improving their confidence and fluency. Great for EFL, ESL, TESOL students.

In each class, we focus on a specific topic to help us learn in a clear and organized way. First, we learn new words related to the topic. We start by finding out what words we already know and then learn more words that are connected to what we’re studying. This helps us understand the language better.

Talking and having conversations is an important part of our classes. I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed when we talk. We adjust our discussions to match our level, so we can practice making longer and more complex sentences and get better at expressing ourselves.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be talking about:

In the City
My Room
Let’s Have a Party
My Weekly Routine
My Favorite Games
Describing Things
The Weather

Come and join us! Let’s have fun while we learn and become better at English together.