Course Description

Private Lessons

Welcome to my private English class, where students receive personalized instruction to enhance their language skills. My goal is to create a comfortable and supportive environment where students can grow in confidence.

In each class, we focus on a specific topic to help them learn in a comprehensive way. First, we work on expanding their vocabulary. We start by identifying the words they already know and then introduce new words related to the topic we’re studying. This strengthens their understanding of the language.

Engaging in conversation is an important part of my classes. I want them to feel relaxed and at ease when they participate. By adjusting our discussions to match their level, the goal is to help them build more complex sentences and improve their ability to communicate effectively.

In addition to conversations, if you would like to work on writing, we can also complete writing projects. These projects reinforce what they’ve learned, help them remember new words, and provide practice for their spelling skills. They will have the chance to write a few sentences and explore their creativity.

Join my class to provide a comprehensive approach to learning English for your children. With personalized instruction, vocabulary expansion, conversational practice, and optional writing projects, we will work together to improve their language skills and boost their confidence.