Course Description

Debate Club – Building Confidence and Speaking Skills for Young English Learners

Welcome to our Debate Club!

In this class, your child will boost their confidence and enhance their English speaking abilities by participating in a debate.Your child will improve their English by participating in captivating conversations. In this course, your child will develop essential skills to express opinions, ask meaningful questions, use new vocabulary words about a variety of topics and become more successful and confident English speakers. We will also learn tips and tricks for being less nervous when speaking in English.

What will we learn?

Expressing Opinions: Students will practice expressing their feelings, thoughts and opinions clearly and effectively in English. Through interactive activities and discussions, they will practice sharing their opinions on a wide range of age-appropriate topics, reinforcing their language skills and encouraging self-expression.

Adding Details: Students will learn to enrich their statements by providing supporting details. They will learn to use examples, talk about their personal experiences and use vocabulary words such as “because”, “however” or “therefore”.

Building Vocabulary: Students will expand their vocabulary by learning new words and phrases relevant to the topics discussed in class. We will talk about a variety of topics that will help your child widen their English vocabulary.

Asking Questions: Students will be encouraged to ask questions to obtain more information. This will help them develop their ability to ask a variety of questions in English when speaking.

Developing Conversation Skills: Students will improve their conversational skills by asking and answering questions, listening to their peers and answering accordingly. They will learn how to have meaningful conversations, express agreement or disagreement and support their opinion using a variety of English words and expressions.

Class Structure:

Each class is carefully designed to nurture your child’s natural curiosity, fostering a love for English while boosting their confidence. In each session we will:

English Speaking Skills: From expressing agreement to asking questions with curiosity, we’ll practice using words like “because” to explain our thoughts. Together, we’ll build a strong foundation of language skills.

Question of the Week: Every week, we introduce exciting questions that will keep your child engaged and encourage them to share their thoughts. Should children have more or less homework? Should schools serve fast food for lunch? We’ll spark their imagination and encourage them to express their ideas in a supportive and friendly environment.

Vocabulary Words: We’ll explore new words that are related to our topics. By using these words in context and having lots of fun, your child will expand their vocabulary and become more confident in using these words correctly.

Friendly Mini-Debate: Your child will have the opportunity to engage in friendly debates with their classmates, encouraging them to think critically, defend their positions, and articulate their thoughts clearly. These enjoyable exchanges will help them develop critical thinking skills and enhance their ability to communicate their ideas effectively.

Presentation: They will have the chance to take turns expressing their opinions and ideas, nurturing their public speaking skills and building self-confidence. Through supportive and encouraging interactions, they will learn to share their thoughts in a positive and uplifting environment.

Feedback: I’ll be here to guide and support your child every step of the way, providing positive feedback, helping your child express their thoughts and encouraging them to keep the conversation going.

Weekly Schedule

This is an ongoing course, so the topics don’t build upon each other. This means that students can join at any time!

The question for debate will be sent to you every week so your child has time to think about the topic and prepare.